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    Amp & turntable ideas

    Our two Tannoys still work after 25 years (manual photo attached) and after storing them in dry conditions we want to play them again through a used amp and turntable (non-streaming/USB) before perhaps buying new in the future. Thing is, we have no idea what brands to consider nowadays. We want...
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    Amp advice for vintage Tannoy speaker

    Hello, I recently acquired these vintage speakers from my grandparents. I think they were made custom but they look similar to the other vintage models I see online. They are 18 inch Tannoys. Does anyone have any advice on which amp to get for these?? Something not too expensive as I don’t have...
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    Question Fyne vs Tannoy

    Dear What hifi Forum Community! Currently I own a Dali Oberon 5 stereo speaker pair. Amp: Rega Elex-R Sourxe: Cambridge Audio CXN I would like to upgrade the speaker set for a better matching pair. My nominees are - Tannoy Revolution XT 6F - Fyne Audio F501 - Quadral Chromium Style 6 I tend to...
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    Fosi Audio DA2120C for my Tannoy Revolution DC6T?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if the Fosi Audio DA2120C would be sufficient to run a pair of Tannoy Revolution DC6Ts that I recently acquired? Total noob here. Would also appreciate better alternatives for a sub $200 amp for the Tannoys...
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    Brand new owner of Tannoy Eyris DC1 bookshelves, need an amp rec

    Hi all, Brand new member of the community; thought I'd join since I took the plunge into the hobby after finding a deal for a pair of Tannoy DC1s on the web. I am looking for a good amp to power these; was mainly looking at the Cambridge Audio AXA or AXR line but was wondering if anyone had...