Speaker rated at 8ohm but voltage selector only have 16 ohm direct.


Jun 14, 2022
hi everyone,

I am very new to the hifi scene and I am trying to reconfigure my speakers in my restaurant. I found out that the speakers are 8 ohms and bought the power amps (QSC GXD4) accordingly…

however, when I turn the speaker around, I found options I can select for 100v line etc but there is no option of 8ohm. Only 16ohm… how do I configure or did I read wrongly…756AE914-B02E-4845-B353-41208CAC9338.png

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When it comes to ohms I wouldn't get too hung up. Ohms gives you the impedance of a speaker or amplifier. Whether it's 4, 8 or 16 ohms makes no difference, other than more speaker ohms tends to give the amp more volume.


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Oct 5, 2012
you will need commercial speakers 100v not domestic/hifi 2.83v

Designed specifically for making simple work of multi-speaker installations, the 100v Line Amplifier allows the easy connection of a large number of suitable speakers in a choice of wiring formats to suit the overall system size.

At 8 ohms 2.83V will translate to 1W while at 4 ohms it will translate to 2 watts


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What is the make and model of your speakers?
You said that you 'found out that the speakers are 8 ohms'. Where did you find that?
How many speakers do you want to drive?
Do you want stereo pair(s)?

Edit: I've just seen the second thread you've got going....you probably saw 8 ohms printed on the removed driver 👍
That photo showing 6 wires - as it stands, would only mean anything to that previous installer.
You need to know where they're coming from.....and where they were going.
Did you make any wiring notes before removing the driver?
Also, with mention of 100v line, is there / was there a transformer attached to the speaker itself / within the enclosure.
You will need to do more investigation / show more pictures to get any meaningful help.
Maybe just stick to this thread, don't run two.
Main questions:
How many speakers?
Stereo pairs?
How are they currently wired? (Probably with 2-core wire, but are they daisy-chained, or individually wired back to the amp?)
Do you want to avoid rewiring the restaurant? 🤪

Bet you're glad you asked 😆
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Mar 6, 2021
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