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This recent intrusion in the bottom right hand corner is unwelcome. If you look at the hundreds of snooping sites you might easily agree to track your visits, it’s pretty scary.

Having rejected them all, why can’t the box go away? In fact, you have to be quite careful not to “Agree” unintentionally to everything.

The warning mentioned adverts may not be personalised. It was correct. In the bottom left corner I got an advert for More Bras. Not a typical purchase alongside speaker cables, I should imagine!


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They all make it so much easier to 'accept all' rather than reject.

I rejected all on another site only to get repeated opportunities to select some. Let's face it, people that reject the lot are no good to them.

Keep voting until we get the answer we want - now where have I heard that idea before?

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Its all websites doing it though - very annoying!