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PMC Twenty.23 - Creek Destiny 2 or alternatives?


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Apr 10, 2013
I'm looking for an affordable move up in (integrated) amplification for my new PMC Twenty.23's. Current unit is Rega Mira 3 - extremely nice, but lacks the dynamics I heard with Bryston gear (out of my price range for now).

Pulling together the short list for audition (Nait XS, MF M6i, pre-owned SimAudio Moon I3.3, Rega Elicit so far), I'm intrigued by the reviews for the Creek Destiny 2 in terms neutrality, detail, and dynamics. Unfortunately, here in Seattle, the listed Creek dealers "can get one in", but nobody keeps it in in stock. I'm also considering a "stepwise" approach where I go with a Bryston power amp using the Mira 3 as Pre/Phono for the interim.

Before asking my local audio provider of 25 years to go to the trouble, I'd like to hear from someone who has heard the Twenty.23 or other PMC through the Destiny 2, especially in comparison to the Nait XS or MF M6i.

My sources are currently a Rega RP6/Exact, CA 640Cv2 CD player, and a yet-to-be named DAC with the Rega DAC as the current front-runner. Chord interconnects and cables.

Any notes and anecdotes for Creek Destiny 2 and PMC? Other things I should consider for the short list in the price range? Thoughts on just adding a 3BSST2 or 4Bsst2 for now and adding Bryston Pre/Phono later? Thanks in advance! This is my first post after lurking in the shadows for a while.


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Mar 30, 2011
I am not sure if they are easily available in your part of the world but I would recommend an Electrocompaniet ECI3 integrated amp to drive your PMC 23's .

It will drive the 23's effortlessly to very high levels and has incredible control and power mainly due to the high current output and IMO sound better than anything else at the price, which in the UK is £1925 .

There is a special synergy between PMC speakers and Electrocompaniet amps that has to be heard to be believed :)

If you could stretch you budget a little more the the ECI5 MK2 has more power if you feel the need for more !

Here are a couple of reviews for you to read .



ECI5 mk2 .


And the Electrocompaniet main website on the integrated amp page .


And where in the USA they are available .


I hope you are able to give them a try and I am sure you won't regret it . :)


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Jan 10, 2011
In addition to your choices and recommendations above I would also suggest the Caspian M2, I have heard this a couple of times with the PMC 23 and they work well together, the exta bit of bass from the Caspian really helps the 23's as to my mind they benefit hugely from the amp in this area.
The presentation is a bit livlier than the Destiny and I would add the Caspian is not as smooth as the M6i,the xs is also a very good amp and I listened to all of them but to my tastes I settled with the Caspian and am still very happy with my choice.

All the amps are excellent and it really comes down to your personal taste, I would also try and get a home demo before your final choice.

Good luck, have fun and let us know how you get on.


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Apr 10, 2013
Thanks for your suggestions. I'm hoping to get to a short list for home demo. Unfortunately, there are no Electrocompaniet dealers in Seattle, and the one Roksan dealer that comes up I think went out of business. No Bryston dealers, either. In fact, while there are a couple of "listed" PMC dealers in Seattle, there's no inventory and I had to hear them in the UK on one of my frequent visits. No regrets whatsoever, though. I have read many enthusiastic accounts of both Electrocompaniet and Roksan, but never actually seen either one here.

The dealer I have been buying from for decades is great about home demos (actually, they insist on it), though they keep only a few brands. I'm hoping to test-drive the pre-owned SimAudio Moon I3.3 this weekend.



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