Playing turntable audio through Sony Bravia + speaker stand: can it be done?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I recently bought a Sony BDPS-480 and a Sony KDL 46NX720 television, which sits in a SU-B461S speaker stand. I find the sound quality totally fine - just so you know where I'm coming from here - I'm less concerned with audiophile quality than with minimising clutter. My previous amplifier, which I hardly ever used, has no digital inputs, predating the current era by a good few years. Thing is, I do have a few hundred vinyl records and I'd like to keep a turntable in action. I have two turntables, one reasonable quality and one Ion LPDock, which I bought for its designated purpose (transferrring vinyl to digital) and then never got round to using… but then I happened to read that it is possible to connect an Ion to speakers, without a pre-amp, via the RCA connecting cable that's attached to it. The speaker stand itself contains an "amplifier section": "Rated Output Power Front: 10 W + 10 W, (per channel) 8 ohms, 1 kHz, THD less than 1%; Subwoofer: 20 W, 6 ohms, 100 Hz, THD less than 1%" according to the user guide. Ideal seeming solution for me, as it meant no need for a new amp - so less clutter. And given my aforementioned non-audiophile status, probably, or at least possible, perfectly good enough for me. Only it didn't work. I plugged the Ion into the AV-composite input adapter at the back of the telly, but it doesn't show up on the TV's inputs menu as being there, and it produces no sound. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks a lot! :wall:

John Duncan

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Those audio inputs may only activate if it detects a video input as well as the audio ones. Two things to try:

1) plug any old spare RCA cable into the yellow socket on that set of inputs and see if it then thinks there's something there or

2) plug the cables from the Ion into a SCART adapter and plug that into the TV instead

Lastly, what's the other turntable?


I replied to this post yesterday but when I looked today it didn't show up - dunno what happened. Just wanted to say your suggestion re plugging in any old cables worked fine, thanks a lot, much appreciated!


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