Pioneer BDP-51FD vs Panasonic DMP-BDT310


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm having some problems with the Pio freezing on some rental discs, so rather than get a repair done (which might only be a temporary fix) I've decided to ask for the Panny for Christmas. Is there likely to be a step up in picture and sound quality with the new beast? :wave:



Just done that very thing, sold my 51fd and got a 310 to go with my 47lw650t for 3d. The first thing is that the old player is the beast the pana is very small next to it. The load up time is much faster and the remote is easyer to use as for pic its about on par but motion is better with the new player. I am waiting for my new qed hdmi cable to come and send the sound via its own cable to my amp (sound should then have a small step up in quality) but i would say that £180 for this player is good value i payed £350 for the 51fd..........


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