Panasonic TX-P50GT30 - Need help to connect to Internet

Mark Webb

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Jan 5, 2012
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Having just purchased this TV I am having difficulty connecting to the Internet.

I hope to connect through the house Electrical mains via a Comtrend Socket Adaptor whcih I use for my BT Vision. I have my hub feeding into the socket near my PC and 2 Comtrends adjacent to the TV one of which feeds the BT vision and the other is for the TV.

When I go into the TV Options for connecting it cant find the IP address so I have tried entering it manually. When I test again it gets to the Gateway part which shows a red cross and tells me to check gateway connection.

I have tried BT and they tell me it is a Panasonic issue, I have tried the retailer where I purchased, they told me to turn off/on the hub whcih would then enable it to finf the TV. It hasn't.

Can anyone help please??


I have a TX-P46GT30 and also have BT Vision. I bought a Netgear WNCE2001 wireless ethernet bridge for about £30. You simply pair it with the BT Homehub3 that you must also have (press a button on the router and the ethernet bridge and they find each other). You then connect the ethernet bridge to the TV using an ethernet cable. It comes with a power supply, but if you want the TV to power it, it comes with a USB cable. Works first time - nothing to do on the TV. Easy peasy.

The reason I bought the Netgear Ethernet bridge was because it was loads cheaper than doing it wirelessly using the Panasonic Wifi dongle (about £70!!) and it avoids the hassle involved in running ethernet cables.



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