Panasonic crt vs Panasonic lcd


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Jun 18, 2007
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I have an old Panasonic Quintrix (perfect pic) but would like to upgrade to a bigger screen ie 32" so unless I buy a second hand Panasonic crt I only have the choice of lcd, I watch loads of films / drama and I am worried that even the new Panasonic lcd's will not be as good a picture as my old crt, I've heard of all kinds of problems like dead pixles, backlight bleed and blacks not been black, anyone upgraded to one of these lcd's and how pleased are you with it ?


I was recently forced to ditch a failing tube (24" Philips Matchline 100hz - very good pic). I considered buying some time by getting another tube until HD content was more avilable but eventually decided to plump for a Panasonic 32" and I'm very pleased in deed. The blacks could be better if I had more money to spend but I would still say they are a bit better than the old tube was. I've found that it's more sensitive to the variabililty of signals out there than the old telly was and less forgiving if poor signals. But by the same token it is capable displaying a much better picture than the tube was as long as the detail is there in the signal. So the best of the SD stuff (i.e. BBC - especially that filmed in HD) and DVDs (via component) are much better than before. The rest of the stuff is very variable. I'm prepared to take the rough with the smooth for a while and eventually, as HD becomes more available, I'll be able to get the best from the telly.


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