One question about upgrading my speakers...


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Aug 10, 2019
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Dearl all,

I am quite new in this World of HI-FI,so I cant catch many details about how to properly improve my setting.

I am thinking in upgrading my whole equipment, starting for the speakers.

I have a Marantz MCR603 with TANNOY´s V1.

The Marantz oupt put is 60 w in 6 ohm, and I would like to know if this would be enough to handle the TANNOY´s V4.

I am pretty happy with the V1, but I want something bigger, and I think the V4 are perfect, but maybe my small Marantz is not enough to handle them with amplitude.

I would like your opinions, an any valuable alternative to the V4 in case you think it´s to much chiken for little rice (Marantz mcr603).

Thank you!!


It'll drive them more than well enough

I've heard the CR603 with the likes of Q Acoustic 2050's, AE Neo 3's, M/A BX5's and RX6's as well as Neat Motive 2's and PMC GB1i's and it managed them all with no issues whatsoever

The M/A BX5's and PMC GB1i's being my favourite of the lot...

the record spot

You'll only do them significant damage if you plan to turn the wick up and thrash them for extended periods. Otherwise, at normal listening levels you'll be fine with whichever ones you go with. I used to drive Mission 751s with a 40w Arcam Alpha 5 amp years ago and that was fine turned up. It's only ever going to be a problem if you push the gear so hard that the amp or speakers end up distorting.


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