Oh what a wonderful job I've got.

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I do agree with the overall sentiment it's a very sad world we live in nowadays.

As for Robovacs - anyone that's bought one of those, needs to seek help (and I don't mean a cleaner).

What's so bad about the Robovacs?
Our vacuum broke just over a year ago, we replaced it with a Shark which was CFU and lasted one year and a week before completely stopping, thank goodness it was from John Lewis and had a 2 year warrantly so got a refund.

We have 2 black labradors and light coloured tiled floor in a large'ish kitchen living area and 10 mins after hoovering it's covered in dog hair again (slight exaggeration) ..... and thought one of these might be a good idea?


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What's so bad about the Robovacs?
A pure style over substance product.

Think about everything that makes a vacuum cleaner good at its job.
Now think about that little piece of clever technology - good only for novelty value.

I may be biased, as my first job was for a Hoover service agent - dealing with original, 'proper' metal jobs - with continuous, full width floor brushes.
Most now have pathetic little tufts of bristles for brushes. True, bagless designs now have better suction - but the Robovac won't have the sweeping ability, suction or capacity....then it needs charging.

I wouldn't have one if it cost £5.


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Aug 6, 2023
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Hey, those hoovers were responsible for one of the best cat videos on the internet. That’s gotta count for something.

What’s Henry ever done, except be used to look like a class A drug user?
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