New life in old formats in WHF Feb 08 issue


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Aug 10, 2019
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Do not waste your time by copying your cassettes and LPs to PC and then to another media with a help of a software.The results are not worth of an enormous amount of time needed for a tweaking software.The sound then is almost dull and unexciting that means much worse than original source.Give a try of genial cd recorder RCD 100W by Sony and connect in it your cassette recorder or turntable directly without an amplifier routing.Sony has got built in superior Super bit maping software which makes all by itself automatically instead you.It is very quick and efective and does not need any skills from you.It just takes several seconds to fix it up and remastered audio sounds fantastic from this way produced CDs.The hiss is non existent and sound is real 3D in comparison with the original sources.Sorry,cratches and other unnatural sounds from your damaged LPs are still heard.The pauses amongst tracks must be inserted or one side can be one track on Cd then.All recorders I know need more than three seconds to make a pause automatically although they are shorter on all LPs and cassettess.I am short of time and having hundreds of LPs and cassettes so I accept it do not watching a recording process at all.You have to use audio CD-Rs as well.Any other cd recorder does not have Super bit maping software so the quality of sound are not up to Sony.I tried Denon and the difference is like a night and day.I never realized it could it be so easy and effective to convert my old formats to CDs.The sound quality is much better I could ever hope for.It is a pity this Sony is discontinued already.


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