New Apartment - strange sockets


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Aug 10, 2019
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Good morning,

I'm moving into a new apartment and there are 3 sockets in the lounge labeled as;-

TV, Radio & Return. I presume the TV, Radio do exactly what they say - however what is RETURN? Return for what

On the other hand it does also have two Coaxial sockets for SKY, aparently the apartment has is completly wired for Sky - which is great. Has anyone seen this before? If so, I presume I don't need to pay for Installation of Sky then?

Sorry about all the questions, thought I woudl ask the experts first :)


Stevey G


Hi SteveyG,
I have got the same sockets in my place. I think the return is used to send signal round to all the other sockets in the other rooms. Some freeview/satellite boxes have a coaxial output to send signal out on a predefined channel (my freeview box has this capability). Simply tune your other TV(s) into the channel and you can pickup whatever is being shown on your freeview box in another room.

I have not put it to use as I hardly ever watch TV and believe the bedroom is meant for sleeping only (with one exception of course :p)

In theory, Yes, you are pre-wired for Sky (including HD if you have two SKY sockets), although, they may want to "confirm" the current installation before you can get the SKY bods to turn you live. If it is a large block of apartments, I would get the SKY chaps out to test the signal strength anyway as my experience with modern builders and signal splitters is a recipe for disaster.


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