Nearly decided but need help and advice!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Choosing a telly used to be easy!

Right, I like the sound of the Panasonic TX-32LXD700 reviewed in the latest mag as it seems it can handle a 1080p signal so it seems better than the Phillips 21PF9731D as it looks like it will last me into the future. I will be getting SKY HD soonish (once I have convinced the wife thats what we really need!!) and a PS3 by the end of the year (still working on that one!). My concern is my DVD player the SONY DAV SR1 obviously isn't HD and pretty sure it aint gonna be upscaling - am I going to end up with a cack picture from it? I am a stickler for a good picture you see. Also, we watch a lot of sport and often have SKY sports news on - will the Panasonic cope with the scrolling text. My Dad has one of them Phillips Ambilight jobbies and it didn't look too happy on that and am worried that its a curse of the LCD / Plasma sets.

Is the new Panasonic the LCD for me? I have gone for that size TV as my front room is relatively small and even 37 inch is pushing it as we only get a distance of 2.5 m at a push.

Help please! I feel a bit lost and close to giving up on the whole shebang!



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May 31, 2007
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How are you finding it?

Certainly we thought the performance was superb across the board, including via the digital tuner and when dealing with fast, scrolling motion.

In terms of your DVD player, if you fancy upgrading but your bank balance is feeling the hit of the Panasonic, then how about the Toshiba SD-370SE. It will upscale to 720p/1080i - enough for your TV - and is an absolute steal in terms of performance per pound.

Let us know what you think.


I am eagerly awaiting delivery! I was chuffed with £760 it cost me as it was less than I had budgeted. The wife was pleased to! In fact she is quite excited by it too. The only concern I had really was the 720p - it not being 1080p.

Will look into the Toshiba. I have seen that mentioned many times and I think it would be worth it.

I will let you know what I reckon when it arrives.




All up and running. The Panasonic looks the buisness. The initial set up was easy, though I was apprehensive about the grainy appearance of the picture. Adjusting the settings helped. The ordinary digital picture is good, though I do notice pixilation or a grainy appearance - I think its because there is just 2.5 meters between us and the screen. I reckon if I could get another half a metre I wouldn't notice anything. I take it that is just part of upgrading from CRT to LCD? Anything I am doing wrong? I have also noticed it depends on which channel you are watching. BBC not so good.

However, when viewing HD channels the Panasonic is amazing. I have never seen a picture so clear. Shame there is so little choice at the moment. The set copes really well with my DVD player, but once you have watched HD there really is no going back. I think the PS3 will be in my house sooner than expected!

The only downside, and again any advice is welcome, is that my PS2 picture isn't very good now? Its playable, but you know, pixily! (Is that even a word?).

Anyway, thanks for the article on the Panasonic, wouldn't have bought it woth out the mags advice. I am very happy with it.


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