Marantz PM6002 vs Cambridge Audio Azur 540A V2 Amp?? (Urgent)


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, i just want to know the difference between the above mentioned amplifiers.

A lot of reviews have suggested that the Marantz is better than the CA. But isn't the CA(60/90W into 8/4 ohms) more powerful than the Marantz (45/60W into 8/4 ohms). Also the CA is cheaper than the marantz & the build quality is equally good. The CA also comes with a pre-out which is not the case with the Marantz. So why such a difference? Will the Marantz give the same quality bass output as the CA's?

Also if you can suggest me as to which speakers - MS Avant 902i vs Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 vs Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 - would go with the above mentioned amps. I was initially thinking of pairing the amp with Cambridge Audio Azur 540D V2 DVD player as am just a student and a little tight on budget for a CD player as the system would have to doulble up for movies as well. I listen to all kinds of music - classical, instrumental, trance, rock, jazz, hip-hop, etc. Love listening to music with a lot of vocals and also lot of fast & pacy music. My room size is very small - only 10*10 ft.

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Jul 10, 2008
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I own a PM6002 and can say confidently that it is a cracking amp for the money. I have also listened to CA640 A V2 and ( more powerful than 540 A V2 ) and I have never regretted for a moment opting for the Marantz. I use Marantz CD5001 with Jamo C405 floorstanders. It is a given that floorstanders give out better bass so if you are thinking spending in the region of INR 22000 for BR2, do consider wharfdale 9.5 ( if avaialble) which could be negotiated for atleast INR 22500.00.


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But in such a small room standmounted speakers would be better. Didn't think of this last night but I'd recommend the following system:

NAD C515BEE CD Player
NAD C325BEE Amplifier (now end of line so some good deals around)
Monitor Audio BR2 Speakers.

IMO the NAD amp trounces the Marantz and CA offerings and will drive the BR2s very well indeed.