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LSX bluetooth connection to PC


May 26, 2020
I've got the LSX as desktopspeakers. Most of the time, they're playing Spotify. But sometimes they need to play de PC audio. Currently I've got a short cable running from my screen to the the AUX input (jack). Needless to say this looks bad and sounds worse.

I've tried to connect with a cheap bluetooth-dongle. They kind of connected, but no sound came through.
Would a decent bluetooth dongle solve this (what should I pay attention to) or is it sth to do with the PC (an HP pavilion, running windows 10)


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Dec 22, 2006
You need to get digital sound out of the laptop. I use Turtle Beach Micro II but they're not available any more. Whenever somebody comes out with something great, they stop making them. Chromecast Audio, Squeezebox Touch etc. Drives me mad! Anyway, back to the topic. The new kid on the block is the Behringer UCA22. That will take a USB input and you can use the optical output.

Have you tried using the KEF Stream app? You should be able to stream music via DLNA straight from your laptop to the KEFs. That's free and you won't have any wires showing. You just need to have the laptop and KEFs on the same network. That would be my starting place (as it's free).
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