LG HDTV LCD Optical Problem


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Aug 10, 2019

Can anyone help me with this problem please.

I've bought an LG 37LB1DB LCD TV.

I have :-

XBOX360 (connected via Componet Cable)

PS3 (connected via HDMI)

Sky Digital (Connected via Scart)

If I use the TV's Optical Out Port direct into my Hi-Fi I get Audio Drop Outs, Hisses and Pops. If I go Direct from XBOX or PS3 (bypassing the TV) the sounds is perfect.

The TV has already been away for repair once (the sound board was replaced)

I have taken up with the Shop who more or less told me the way I am attempting to wire my stuuf up is mental (which I kind of accept) I know If I bypass the TV I will always get better sound.

What I cant get is that why LG would put this Port on a TV if it 'doesnt work properly'. I love the TV, but am a little dissapointed that it doesnt do what I want it to do, especially at £900

Am I asking too much, has anyone else had experiences with Opitical Out on HDTV's

Thanks for Reading

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Think that optical out is mainly there to feed sound from the onboard tuner to an amp, not other digital inputs. I'd connect your sources straight to the amp, and only use the TV's digital out for off-air signals via the internal tuner.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply, That makes sense, although a i'm a little disapointed as I thought I would be able to use the port for any sound coming out of the TV.

Thanks :)


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