LCD or Projector based on viewing distance, price, quality & new models to be released - please help?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I’ve been meaning to upgrade my LE27 Samsung TV for some time now. I've read the forums and reviews and been toying with an upgrade to a size between 32 inch to 40 max. Firstly my viewing distance is only 7ft or 2m. So based on this fact I should plump for another 27inch but I really would like a larger screen but would 37+ be pushing it or if I go for a 32 inch will that affect my viewing quality dramatically?

Another option I have just been thinking about is a projector so I can adjust the screen size accordingly. However, I have no understanding of are they better or just as good as the latest LCD's out there? Also, my small lounge has patio doors and so I assume I will need to keep the blinds shut for optimum viewing?

Now out of the 32 inch LCD models I am considering the following:

Panasonic TX-32LXD700

Sony KDL-32D3000

Samsung LE32M87BD

I see that overall in most reviews the Panasonic just pips the Sony. Also, Panasonic use their own material whilst Sony uses Samsung screens. The Sony has a 10bit panel. Any idea about the other two i.e. are they 8 bit and how much difference does this really make?

The other reason why I am thinking about say a 37-40 inch is because you seem to get more i.e. 1080p for about the same price.

The other reason I am holding back is because the TV’s listed above were launched around June 07 and knowing my luck I'll end up buying one n now only for a better 32 inch to be launched possibly with full 1080p? Any thoughts on this?

The Samsung I have right now does have a very good picture quality but it is small and so possibly more defined (not sure)? A friend purchased a Panasonic about 6 months ago and it was one of the latest models at the time. All the reviews were saying it was the best but both my mate that purchased it and others were not impressed so I'm conscious of this fact as well.

This is just so confusing - anybody got any advice?

Thanks - Sonni


As a rule of thumb, 3 x screen size = viewing distance. A 32" screen would be more than ample for most people, although some gamers like to be right up there with the action.

37" would give you the option of plasma as well as LCD but native 1920x1080 res screens (I presume that is what you meant by full 1080p?) are really aimed at the larger end of the market. Many would argue that below 50" you would not notice the difference, but again viewing distance would play a part. You would also need to go above 50" for a projector to become viable.

You won't go far wrong with the 3 makes of tv you mentioned, but others here that have seen them will be far better qualified to point you in the right direction.

Happy hunting!


Hi, I have to say that as a gamer I do want to be able to experience full action as you put it be right up there but I am not sure sure if going larger than a 32 inch based on my viewing distance is a wise choice? I could go the projector route by changing the seating position in the lounge i.e install an electric screen where my patio doors are and position the projector opposite giving a viewing distance of nearly 4 meters. Having said that I'm not sure if this would become very expensive as I can't seem to find any projectors that have a low db rating combined with an lcd tv comparable contrast ratio etc. Any artcles or thoughts on this? Could I buy the full kit ie projector/screen/cables and install for £1,000 - £1,500? If not does anyone know if it is worth waiting for the next wave of 32 inch tv's should anything larger not be the best option?

Does anyone also know if the response time is key over say motion flow with 100hz? I have just been looking at the Sharp LC32X20E HD Ready 1080P which states a response time of 6ms. In comparison the Sony KDL-32D300 has a 10bit panel with motionflow with 100hz. Which is better and why? I know the Sharp has been retailing a few hundred pounds more than the Sony or Panasonic but I also see that recently the price has dropped to £699.00

Any opinion on this?


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