Kef Q300...time for an upgrade?


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Jun 23, 2008
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I have recently down scaled my Hi Fi/Home Cinema system to a minimalist 2 speaker system with the Q300's handling all duties. My main use is HiFi and am now thinking of upgrading. If I go down the floorstanding route, I am considering the Rega RS3 (R3) or Epos Epic 5's If I stay with bookshelf perhaps the Kef R100 or R300 (or would this be a sideways move). I do like the Kef sound and it suits my room environment but would like a weightier sound with more punch. I am happy to buy second hand and even considering the good old Mission 752's for cheap stop gap. Budget £500-1000 New, £250 - 500 secondhand Some advice please.


Having heard the Rega RS3's, Neat Motive 2's and the KEF R100's & 300's I'd say they'll all work VERY well indeed and will outclass the Q300's with no issue. The R100's / R300's are deffo not a sideways step from the Q300's; they outshine them in every way IMO.

The Rega RS3's and Neat Motive 2's are some of the best small standmount speakers I've every heard so definitly get a demo with them as well and keep your eyes out for 2nd hand as they do crop up on eBay and the likes every so often (my Motive 2's will more than likely be up for grabs soon as well) ;)


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