KEF Q300 speakers


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Dec 23, 2013
hi there, I am very soon making a change in speakers, and looking at few different ones, but wanting to go to Kef Q300 as i do like KEF but the speakers i am after very few and far between in quality being the old Q55.2 just love the sound, so looking also at epos and B&W, looking at the old review about the Q300 it says to pair the amp carefully due to top end treble from the q300, i have a yamaha AX-9 and my speaker cables are van den hul the tea track, is the kef q300 a good pairing ? majority of my vinyl and audio cassette albums are of new wave , industrial and metal in nature also have reggae and country, will the kef be a good move, my existing speakers are Wharfedale d330, they're okay enough but the sound is just kinda tepid and somewhat dry and lacklustre


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Nov 16, 2021
Hi There, Kef has a very different sound to what was around 20+ years ago, they were competing with a very different market, Warm sounding wall of sound speakers such as the mission 700 series. And the same goes for B&W not to mention the price bracket has shifted the q55.2 would easily be a 800-1k speaker these days. You got a lot of sound for your money back then.

Kef is much more, ummmmm, shall we say leaner listen they days aiming for a clean sound.

Personally not a sound i like TBH. Alot of speakers today leave me feeling underwhelmed focusing fair to much on numbers. But that's just me and the market demands different things these days.

I don't know you budget and should probably ask, BUT for that full fat "classic sound" id start looking at speakers like the KLH model 5's, whafdale liniton's and magnet transplus. they will certainly bring back the excitement and all very easily driven.

I have no idea how any of that will work with your amp, doubt anyone will as it's old boy that one. Audition if you can.