Question Is expensive hifi worth it today?

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Mar 4, 2023
I have a Marantz PM6007 with a pair of Dali Spektor 2 speakers. I play all my music (mostly classical) via my Samsung S20 phone, and I stream using Amazon HD. The image below shows the location, a room about 9ft by 15ft, with soft furnishings/carpet. I find the sound quality really good and although I have heard other systems in other locations I think I could only really tell any difference if I could listen to them side-by-side. The important point is I really enjoy listening to the music because of the music itself, and as long as the music is played on fairly good quality equipment, as I have, then is there any point in paying thousands for something that is supposed to be superior?

The best piece of music I ever heard was All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix) in 1970 at a friends house where about 10 people were relaxing and perhaps smoking something they shouldn't have (but not me). It was played on vinyl on a slightly dodgy old record player. It sounded so good because of the vibe that was going on. The equipment didn't seem to matter too much.

So, is it worth upsetting my wife (a lot) and spending some money?

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Twenty five years ago I’d say maybe. Today, probably not. There are too many good alternatives to create great sound than there were 25-30 years ago. Bluetooth is gaining ground in high end sound and you don’t necessarily need separate gear for good sound. My gear is 30 years old. I just sold my incredible, original rebuilt levinson No 37 transport. It’s obsolete. You can buy a streaming unit w/it’s own DAC and onboard CD player all in one. No CDs, or records, means less cables, and other gear to reproduce that sound. Buy used gear and save money. I did that a lot especially with cables.
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Dec 31, 2022
There wasn't a suggestion or a mention of an offer in your original post hence why I stated the RRP's.
Yes I know, but I did state that the dealer offered me the three boxes and interconnects for £15k in my reply at post #248….

thought it was very fair to offer a significant slice of the dealers margin, although I haven’t yet purchased the Naim set up..


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