Intermittent Sound With Sky+ HD Box


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello, I wondered if anyone could help.

I have a Sky+HD box connected via an Onkyo surround sound system/receiver to a Toshiba Regza LCD TV; all connections are through HDMI cables. All this kit is quite new and I have updated firmware/software wherever possible.

The problem we’re having is intermittent sound from the Sky box when the receiver is not in use – the sound either comes out of the TV speakers or it doesn’t. If we’re watching a Sky channel and switch to another channel, it’s hit or miss as to whether the sound will work or not. Once the sound is working, it’s fine. We only really use the surround sound/receiver for movies.

Sometimes we have to turn the Sky box off/on several times before the sound will appear. Switch the receiver on and the sound works fine every time. Switch the receiver off and again, it’s hit and miss if the sound will continue out of the TV speakers.

I have the audio return setup configured ok within the receiver setup, so I think all possible settings have been checked, but wanted to check on here first for any ideas as it’s driving us nuts!

Somebody suggested installing an optical/Toslink cable, but would this go between the Sky box and receiver, or the Sky box and TV or the receiver and the TV?

Any help is gratefully received - thank you.


You need to install an optical link between your SkyBox and your processor as Dolby Digital (DD) is not carried by HDMI.

This may or may not fix the sound problem you are experiencing, but it is the only way for you to receive DD5.1 sound.


Thanks Willie - I'll review the wiring this weekend and let you know how I get on, thanks again.



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