Goodbye Sky!


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Jun 14, 2011
We’ve just returned our Sky Q box having had the LNB replaced with a quad Labgear Ku band one with a single cable added for our bedroom LG55C2. The existing dual cable has been connected directly to our Sony BRAVIA 4K UR3 v9 with the 2nd unused.
The LG happily incorporates all the streaming services like Apple TV, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Prime V, My5, ITVX etc but the Sony doesn’t include many including BBCiPlayer or ITVX! Am astonished that the latest Android version for this excludes these. We can watch the missing services in our bedroom quite happily but am surprised none the less. I’m sure a Freesat receiver would include some or all the missing services but wouldn’t add anything else because we have a USB stick on the LG & could add one to the Sony for recording.


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