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How to work audio equalizers


Equalizers work when you want to change the response frequency of certain sounds, for example, vocals in a track or particular instruments. It may be used to boost the bass, highlight a saxophone, make your audio generally sound better, or reduce the trebles. Here is how you can work audio by following the steps below.

‘Step 1’
Find the control points and frequency range for your equalizer

Most EQs have a variety of sound wave frequencies, which can be ‘detected by the human ear’ . They have 20 hertz on the lower end to 20 kilohertz on the upper end.


‘Step 2’
Identify equalizer settings for any music you want to listen to[/B] [/B]
Many TVs, audio players, stereo and other devices that have digital EQ capabilities have a set of audio ‘adjustments based on the audio or music genre’ . For example, the music app can have preset for “jazz,” “classical,” “rock,” and many more.


‘Step 3’
Find the frequency scope of the familiar instruments and vocals[/B] [/B]
Once you’re familiar with the first ‘adjustments or control parts of your equalizer’ , you can make finer adjustments to highlight specific vocals or instruments. With time you will be able to tell where to find a particular tool or vocals in the frequency. But, before that, depend on charts like this:

· Male vocals: 60 Hz-500 Hz
· Female vocals: 150 Hz-1.6 kHz
· Guitar: 70 Hz-1.1 kHz
· Cymbals: 200 Hz-10 kHz
· Saxophone: 100 Hz-700 Hz
· Kick drum: 60 Hz-4 kHz
· Piano: 25 Hz-4.5 kHz


‘You can now easily work the audio equalizer by following the above steps’


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Oct 30, 2019
More misinformation. Please do some more reading around before posting. Your enthusiasm is commendable, but I'm afraid your knowledge needs work.

A couple of corrections:
You've listed the base frequencies of the notes those instruments can play. That's not the same as the frequency range that actually cover. Sibilance on vocals, for example, is usually in the 5-10kHz octave and yet you'd have us believe that male vocals stop at 500Hz. I guess most of the telephone bandwidth (300Hz-3kHz, give or take) is a complete waste of time, then.

An equaliser will change the frequency response of everything that passes through. Not just the vocals or whatever.

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