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How to Set Up Tower Speakers For An Audio System


If you recently bought new speakers – or purchased speakers a while ago and you haven’t figured out how to set them up, there is good news for you: Setting up the audio furniture it’s not as hard as you may think.

Here is how you can set up your tower speakers for the audio system by following the steps below.

‘Step 1’
Strip the connection cable
’Strip the insulator that connects the cable ends’
and ‘spin the ends until they are secure’. Then insert your ends to the connection terminals and fasten them. Ensure that your speaker cables are connected to the right polarity. ‘Connect the negative amplifier (black) output terminal’ [ /b] with the negative terminal of your AR speaker (black too). Continue to ‘connect the positive terminals in the same way’ ,

which are usually red. Standard speaker connection cables usually have colored marks or indentation in the outside of the insulation to differentiate the two leads from each another.


‘Step 2’
Screw the lockouts
Screw the Presented lock-nuts onto the threaded ends of your stand tube. ‘Then start threading the end of the speaker wire between the stand tube’ and fish the wire via the hole on the crest of the tube.


‘Step 3’
Screw The tower tube
‘Screw the tower tube into the bottom and secure it’ . By using the threaded lock nut tighten your tube against the bottom, ensure that the hole that manages the wire is pointing towards the back of your stand.

‘Connect your speaker to your stand by turning your speaker clockwise’
till it is secure and lined up with your base. Fasten the lock nut against your speaker and lock it in place.


‘Step 4’
Connect the wire to the binding pole
‘Connect the wire of your speaker to the 5-way binding pole’ ensuring that the negative and positive wires are well connected. If you fail to match the polarity your speakers will be out of phase.

‘You can now easily set up a tower speaker for an audio system by following the above steps’



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