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How to set up Car Stereo System


Car Stereo setup can be a challenging job, more so if it’s your first time. But with the right tools and procedure, you can get the job done just like they do in a professional shop. Although some specifications may vary from car to car, most of it is a generalized process. Here’s how to set up a Car Stereo system on your own in 3 simple steps:

‘Step 1’
Remove the Old Setup

So before setting up your brand new audio system, you need to get rid of the old one. The first step is removing the trim that covers the system. You will have to unscrew the bolts and pull off the trim without scratching the dashboard.

You can use a pry tool for that. The next step is to loosen the stereo, check if all parts have been removed that hold the stereo in place and then use a plier to gently pull it outwards. Then the next step would be to unclip the wire harness from the back. The complete procedure of loosening and pulling might require the following tools – radio removal tools, nose pliers, screwdrivers, etc.


‘Step 2’
Harnessing the New Stereo

After you get the new stereo, you might have to either match up the harness colors from the old system and clip it with the new stereo backside or attach the new wirings if you get one specifically for your system. The wire colors and their purpose are as follows – Red (Power Source), Yellow (Battery), Black (Ground Wire), Blue (Antenna). The harness wires can be kept in place by either soldering, cramping or using tape. After which the wires can be cleaned at the backend by using zip ties. After plugging in the new stereo it should be good to work.


‘Step 3’
Put Back Your Dash and Play

The new stereo kit should be put back in place and you might hear a click once it settles. Fasten the screws and put back any other components that were removed earlier. Finally, place back the trim and look for any pieces or knobs missing. Try out the new system, play the AM, FM, and CDs.


‘Using your tech know-how and knowledge, select your device and then apply the above steps to easily assemble a perfect Car Stereo system in your car’


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