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How to set up party speakers with Bluetooth connectivity


A party Bluetooth speaker is the best way to carry the party with you wherever you go. The larger the speaker you have the bigger your party can be. And while most people connect these speakers to their mobile device or laptop via an aux cable, using the Bluetooth settings to connect it makes the process much easier. So, here are steps to set up party speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 1
Set up your speaker.

Firstly, you want to make sure that your speaker is charged and depending on the timeline of the party you may leave the charger connected to it as well.


Step 2
Turn on the pairing mode.

Once you turn the speaker on use the Bluetooth button on it to turn on the pairing mode. This will allow your speaker to be discovered by your mobile Bluetooth device.


Step 3
Connect your speaker to your device.

Now go to the Bluetooth settings in your smart phone or laptop and search for available devices to pair. Your speaker’s name should appear in the search results. Simply click on it and your party speaker will have been connected to your device.

Sometimes a pairing code is required to pair the speaker to your device. This code should be found on the speaker manual. But otherwise the process is quite straightforward and easy to manage for anyone who has used a basic Bluetooth speaker before.


Follow these steps and you should have successfully connected your smart phone, tablet, or laptop to your Bluetooth party speakers. And now enjoy the party!



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