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How to connect amplifier to home sound system


A home theatre type sound system consisting of multiple speakers and sub-woofers can really help you achieve a grand sound for any form of media. But if you wish to enhance the sound even further you will have to connect your sound system to an amplifier. This is a process that sounds harder than it is. So, if you follow the steps below you will be able to successfully connect a PA amplifier to your home sound system.

Step 1
Connect the speakers.

Connect all the speakers to your sub-woofer by soldering it into the CDM port. Chances are that the soldering process will already be done at a manufacturing level, in such a case you may skip this step.


Step 2
Connect the sub-woofer to the amp.

There will be two cables coming out of your sub-woofer. Connect the cable with the aux type head to the input slot of the amp. In case there are multiple input slots, you can choose any one of them.

Step 3
Set up L-R settings in the PA amp

Now open up the hood of your PA amp and you will notice a green panel towards the side of it which contains the knobs. Connect the other sub-woofer cable to this panel inside by soldering it. It will have an L-R setting which you will have to maintain while soldering.

Once the process is complete place the lid back on the PA amp and turn it on along with the speakers.


Now when you play any media using these speakers you will be able to control the volume and sound quality with the help of the PA amp.


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