How loud can my receiver go and should I replace it?

Pete Shields

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Sep 23, 2008
My current AV amp is a 6 year old Yamaha AX 759SE which powers a 10 year old Bose Acoustimass 15 5.1 setup.

I have been thinking about upgrading my Amp to include HDMI switching/HD audio but I'm a little tight on budget at the moment.

I usually play the system at quite low levels - The highest volume I've ever gone is not much lower than -20 db, with the majority of my listening at -30db. (not sure what this all means in real terms - is my amp hardly being troubled?)

Bearing in mind my current Yamaha cost me over £500 when new, will I notice much sonic improvement in going for one of the current £250 bargains around at the moment. And if so, can anybody recommend an amp.

I have my system right next to my Cyrus Hifi (with Sonos) so I don't require any music capabilities, just AV.

Any suggestions would be welcome




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Dec 13, 2010
Having not been through an upgrade experience (yet) I can't comment on any improvement you may or may not notice but as for recommendations the Pioneer VSX922 looks like a stone cold bargain at £239 right now.


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