Question How can I replace my FM tuner ?

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There are two members on here who could give us inside information but I doubt they would ever divulge it :)
At Maplin head office our screens included the buy price of every stock code - something the shops weren't even allowed to see.
The profit margins were astounding.....(new management still managed to **** the business though).

Anyway, back to the thread subject of FM tuner replacement 🤨........
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Mar 16, 2023
The Wiim mini connected to your wifi then into a DAC offers a number of radio options, including BBC Radio. I have digital inputs on my amp, which means I dont need another DAC and makes it a very good value and high quality option

I second a Wiim mini cnnected to a DAC as a good option. It requires a wifi signal. However, the OP will need a smart phone, as the Wiim is controlled from an app.

There are similar solutions including the Bluesound Node and the new NAD CS1. The NAD may be the simplest solution, but again it needs a smartphone. It can connect to the internet via Ethernet or wifi.


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Oct 30, 2019
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Because they waste people’s time. Several people have provided feedback and the original poster hasn’t come back to the forum since they first posted.

In fact many forums don’t allow you to post questions till you gain some credibility by contributing first.
I’ve n
seen people come back a week or more to post what they bought plus others may find an answers useful,.


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