HI-Fi Game Changers for 2024?

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Jul 28, 2022
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Something they share with many other brands.
Let's be honest Fries, there's a place for cheap brands and a place for esoteric brands sold by DavidF and Musicraft and if I ever was in their neck of the woods and I'm looking seriously to upgrade, I'm more than happy to buy a Hegal (Norwegian) or Kinki (Chinese) from them, because these guys know their stuff and are passionate about HiFi and there's always a cup of tea and biscuits and chin wagging, all part of the wonderful experience you get going into a dealership :)

It's a lot more rewarding than buying a Chinese clone 'knock off' on AliExpress (I know wrong thread!), people looking to buy cheap are not usually in the right mindset to buy something more expensive, that is why there's a perpetuation, selling and buying cheap stuff but if you take stock of what you're actually doing(?), you're wasting heap loads of money, the money you could have saved, could have brought you that expensive speaker you always wanted, sort of ironic.
Buying cheap is transitory, buying from a dealership is a long term investment and ultimately, much more rewarding.

When I started the other thread, I was really playing the devil's advocate, just wanted to gauge peoples reaction and it did get meaty hee hee, just like my cable thread. Sometimes stirring the hornets nest and getting stung, brings home the issues, are at times derisive but it can also be a means to gain knowledge and a chance to re-evaluate one's own dogmas and prejudices.
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Wow really beefy. They look special!!!!!

They are (y) The Kinki Studio's quality pf parts used coupled with their sheer solidity of build, fit finishing makes some other components costing many times more look as though they've been put together in a garden shed.

Anyway, the direct drive from a DMP-A8 forms an excellent match with a EX-M7 and EX-B7's.


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Jul 22, 2023
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Buy cheap, buy twice. Exactly right.
I remember as a kid my first speakers were mission 760i and very very good in every way but I wore them out.
I'd saved £1.40 p pocket money a week for what seemed like forever.
After that I saw a pair of cheap acoustic solutions speakers in Argos with 2 large white woofers and 120w rating and as a kid they were sold to me straight away.
I hated them from the time I switched them on until the time i managed to save up enough to buy a pair of tannoy m15s which took me nearly a yr because I'd bought those hateful things.
That rule applies not just with hifi but it became apparent that the sound that those acoustic solutions produced rubbed it in my face everytime I heard the things.
Suffice to say I loved the tannoy m15s and never made that mistake again.
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