Help with LG Blu-ray surround sound


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Nov 28, 2014
Hey guys, I need some help getting my ss system working properly:
I've got the following: Satellite Box ; PC ; Blu-ray ss: BH4120S; TV: Panasonic Viera

All I'm trying to do is get the speakers from the surround sound system to work whenever watching *anything* on the TV...

I currently have the cable box connected via hdmi to the hdmi1 port on the TV, and the PC is connected to the hdmi2 port on the TV. At the moment, the only way I'm getting the ss speakers to work is via audio red/white cables from the satellite box and LG home cinema to a switch box connected to a line out lead from the PC,

I like to use the PC as a media centre to play all my movies and music on. However with this set up the surround sound is intermittent. Is there a better way to hook everything up so that the surround sound works better?

Thanks in advance!


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