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Question Grado vs. Audio Technica cartridge

Dec 27, 2020
Hi all,
I'd like to have some suggestion about a choose that I'll have to do...

I'm not an obsessive audiophile but I love music and I usually spend time and money for it. I know very well that sound quality come primary from how the music - on vinyl, CD or whatever - has been played, recorded, mixed, mastered and, then, from how has been printed on physical media. At the end of this chain there are our loved home hi-fi system.

Well, I have an Alphason Solo turntable (with separate power source) which has a Rega RB 250 tonearm mounted on.
I have now a Corus Black "Roksan" cartridge which I bought used and it has always sounded wonderfully. Unfortunately I must replace it for technical problem due to its age.
(amplifier is an Arcus First Class and speakers are Thiel CS2)

My budget for a new one is between 100 and 200 euro, not a cent more (don't want to buy a used one anymore...)

I've read great things about Audio Technica AT-VM95ML with his microline stylus, bright sound and great tracking.
One of my friends (more expert than me in this area...) suggest me the Grado Prestige Series (i'm looking for Silver or Gold...) which I have never tested but seem to have more focus on "warmer" and "wider" sound than tracking and precision.
I've never loved the Ortofon: too cold and analytical for my ears.

I literally listen to every type of music. Anyway my focus is more on afro-oriented music styles (jazz, funk, afrobeat, hip-hop, house, techno, soul, dub, reggae and so on...).

I'm basically looking for a good cartridge in that budget range which have beautiful sound, reliable, long-lasting and accurate.

Any suggestion will be well received!

Thank you!!
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Nov 4, 2008
Welcome to the forum. I'm by no means a turntable expert but I've been extremely happy with my Nagaoka MP-110. Fantastic sound to my ears and well within your budget.


Al ears

The Roksan cartridge you have was actually a rebadged Goldring costing £325 new.
You are not going to get the same for your budget, however the Goldring 1006 will come very close.
Reliable and long lasting all depends on how careful you are and the state of your vinyl..... :)
Grado cartridges are very much a matter of personal taste and probably not the best value for money, in my opinion only.
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Feb 15, 2009
I have now a Corus Black "Roksan" cartridge which I bought used and it has always sounded wonderfully. Unfortunately I must replace it for technical problem due to its age.
I believe the Corus Black was based on the Goldring 1000 range. Some sources suggest the stylus alone will fit, but I can’t confirm that. A new Goldring 1012gx stylus is under £200. The Gyger stylus profile is the clue, along with the 6.5mV output. (Linn use the same on their Adikt, which is over £400 complete!)

If you fancy a change, I agree with your description of the AT and Grado. I used a Grado Prestige Black as a stopgap several years ago, but it was so good I kept it until recently!


Jan 10, 2021
I would definitely choose Audio Technica cartridge, cause I've heard a lot of positive comments about it's reliability. By the way, I've checked a lot of resources, and found some awesome cartridges here on the website, which is totally related to audio and sound industry. I like model Audio-Technica AT-VM95E/H, from all of them.
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