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Aug 10, 2019
Hi folks

I'm looking to replace my recently deceased QED 240SA amplifier, possibly with the Yamaha AS500 - any idea of how they might compare? Other components are Technics SL PG590 CD player, Ariston Q deck and Monitor Audio R352 speakers. Any thoughts/ideas welcome.

Thanks in advance
Hi trfc

Welcome to the WHF Forum :)

How would you describe the performance of your recent ;) system please?

What genre of music do you generally listen to?

Your general listening level?

Overall budget?

With a new amplifier what areas of improvement and the type of presentation are you looking for?

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


Hi Rick @ Musicraft

Thanks for the response.

I was happy with my system until the amp blew up - can't really complain as the amp, speakers and t/table were bought about 25 years ago. I wanted to make sure that the replacement would be at least as good as the QED.

Mostly listening to blues, rock and country with the occasional bit of trad jazz and classical.

Budget approx Aus$ 500. Also saw s/hand Linn Majik and Audiolab 8000 on ebay - I assume they would make reasonable replacements?

Also intend to buy from Uk as prices, inc. freight to Oz, appear to be 30 to 50% cheaper



John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Hello and welcome to the forum trfc. That QED was a great amp at the time, but you'll get something more dynamic and cleaner for less money nowadays. The Yamaha you mention would fit the bill nicely, as would a Marantz PM6003. I'd suggest my Cambridge as well but it's a bit more expensive and doesn't have the phono stage you need for your Ariston deck.


Thanks for the info Mr D - that's what I was hoping to hear.I't might even prevent me from persuading myself that I really do need that amp at twice the price!
Hi trfc

Thanks for your reply.

Firstly SLPG590 and R352's - good CD player and speakers :)

I think that you should also look out for a NAD C370 and Rotel's RA-1062. Both amps should tonally suit the SLPG590 and R352's. Both amps also have the quality of power to keep the R352's check just nicely :)

Btw, you'll need an exteral phonostage to use your turntable with the C370.

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


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