First Steps into 5.1 - Q Acoustics 3020i, 3010i, 3090c + BK XLS300 or something else?


Dec 19, 2023
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First Steps into 5.1 - Q Acoustics 3020i, 3010i, 3090c + BK XLS300 or something else?

I am planning on taking my first steps into surround sound and I am very close to hitting purchase on everything but I am unsure if I have missed anything or if there are any better alternatives before I order...

Budget = £1500 (Hard Limit)

Fronts - Q Acoustics 3020i Pair - £189

Center - Q Acoustics 3090c - £139

Sides - Q Acoustics 3010i Pair - £169

Subwoofer - BK Electronics XLS300-FF - £391.90

Receiver - Denon X1700H - £449 or Denonn S760HGB £479 (unsure which)

Wall brackets for sides - £20ish each

Cabling is included with speaker purchases

Total - £1377.90/£1407.9

Wondered if spending an additional £80 to upgrade to the 3030i's for the fronts would be worth it? Or if there was a better subwoofer option for less than £100 extra?



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Aug 24, 2021
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As no one else has answered...

The receivers are both bottom end. I'd ditch the sides because they won't make much difference and put that money towards a better receiver. Personally prefer the Yamaha sound. Bought a Denon and hated it -- it was fine for movies but horrible with albums -- and got a refund.

As your budget is tight, I'd consider Ebay as a practical way to get more for the money. Forget about brand loyalty or labels, go for whatever will deliver the best sound.

Also, make sure to check the Richer Sounds refurb section. It's not a huge saving but it is a saving and you can usually twist their arm to give the same guarantee as new.

Good luck and Merry Christmas :)


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I would say you have made some solid choices.

If you want ‘proper’ surround you will need the sides/rears.

The 3030i are very good for bass but with a sub in use there is no real need to move up to these from the 3020i.

I would just consider going for the Denon 2800h as this will till be within your budget.

What will the front speakers be on?