Speakers - Which ones to buy? Q Acoustics, Wharfedale, Acoustic Energy or Monitor Audio?


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Aug 10, 2019
I am after a new 'better' speaker set up to replace my Eltax system that has 2 floorstanding fronts with built in powered subs, centre speaker, 2 dipole sides and a non named cheap pair of 3 way speakers as the rear pair, also in use is an old Paradigm pdr10 sub. I am running an Onkyo tx-sr806 amp that is fed by either PS3, Sky HD or Sony BDP-S360 Blue ray player as the main sources. The room is 18ft x 16ft with the front stage to the left of a set of patio doors in one of the 16ft ends. This means that the right speaker is just over half way across the room from the left.

I run a 7.1 system and have been looking at various options and am now confused as to which way to go. I have up to £1000 to spend in total and have picked out a few systems that seem to be good value but am unsure which is going to be best. I primarily use the system for cinema but also like to listen to music so the system should handle both. The front speakers can, depending on depth, be up to about 2 foot from the wall but the left front will be near a corner.

The systems I am looking at:

1- Q Acoustics 2050 5.1 - 2x 2050 floorstanding speakers for the front left and right, 2 x 2020 bookshelf speakers for the side channels, 1 x 2000C Centre Channel Speaker and 1 x 2070 Subwoofer and then maybe another pair of 2020 or 2000 and rear.

2- Monitor Audio Bronze BR6 AV - BR6 Floorstanding fronts, BRLCR Centre, BRFX side channels and a BRW10 Sub, again adding another pair of something for the rear channel.

3- Acoustic Energy AEGIS Neo3 V2 - Neo3 V2 Floorstanding fronts, Neo1 V2 rears and sides, Neo V2 Centre and a Neo V2 Sub.

4- Wharfedale Diamond 10 - 10.4 Floorstanding fronts, 10.CM Centre, 10.0 side and rear and a 10.MX sub.

At the time of writing this the Wharefdale setup is my favourite from a looks point of view but am unsure if the different sized drivers etc will gel together and if rear porting on the front speakers is a good idea. In this setup I have opted for the big centre and big sub as they are the weakest points in my current setup.

The other systems look good but any ideas as to which would be best?



PS Eager to go spend some money!


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