Does anybody know if the Dark Knight Trilogy is in 4K on Apple TV?

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Only for one with less hours, got one that had done around 2.5k hours fairly local to me. Used AnyVan again for delivery.
Picture on my old one was better though, need to get this one calibrated really.
Yes the Anthem was a bit of an impulse buy, it’s good but the Susano works better with my other Pioneer equipment.
You know apparently the Kuro M monitors were the 10th generation Pioneer plasmas.
You have Sky Q though, BB, and might not need Apple 4K though. So with that in mind I might limit my purchases in case Sky changes again and we can have it. Still got Sky HD though. Yes, you got it on Sky Q:

I suppose once Sky goes to the Internet in the future I can have access then. (y)
It already has. Check Now TV.
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Jan 4, 2011
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I've just got a LG G2 and promptly bought the Nolan Batman bundle via AppleTV.
Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises are all perfect but the Dark Knight (the middle film and IMO the best, certainly the most enjoyable) has the middle third of the screen showing much lighter than the top and bottom. I've spoken to Apple and they said it's an issue with the TV (I've not managed to speak to LG yet).
Has anyone else seen this problem?


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