Disruption spekaers or reciever when using phono


Sep 13, 2023
Dear hifi lovers,

I have some troubles whit my stereo.
I bought an Arcam fmj A38 and it seems to have some troubles with my phono. Before the arcam I had a Quad 303 and didn't have any.

When I want to play a record there is disruption in the speakers. It's difficult to discribe so I tried to attach a soundfile but seems can't do thaht.
It's humming but also a strange fast tapping. Compare it to some one is trying to send a telegram.

It's ver y strange. I used the reciever on my dads stereo (other phono) and it was the same problem.
Then I bought a preamplifier from project to avoid the integated amplifier of the arcam. The tikking is much less but it's still there and the humming is about the same.

When I use my phone (on the same aux as the preamplifier) to play some music it's perfectly fine.

I don't get it. Had someone the same experience. Any solutions?

Thanks Geof


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I don't get it.
I'm not surprised Geof.
Humming can be caused by earth problems of course.
But your symptoms point to a problem with the A38 phono preamp section.

But, since you've tried your TT with a Project preamp....and still have a some problem 🤔.

You said you used the 'receiver' on your Dad's stereo and had the same problem.
I presume you mean you used your turntable on your Dad's stereo - if the same problem, then all is not well with the turntable.

FIRST CHECK for you, must be the cartridge wiring.
Ensure that it is correctly and securely wired before doing further checks......


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