Denon CEOL RCD N8 Issues and problems


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Mar 24, 2013
Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so please excuse any faux pas that I may commit.

I am starting off asking for some help.

Until recently we used our ageing Pioneer Refernce seperates, CD player, Dragonslayer cassette deck and ancient Wharfdale Kingsdale III's plus a Roberts streaming digital radio to listen to music from the internet and from music files on a laptop.

Toward the end of January we bought the above network receiver amp from our local BADA dealer together with a pair of Monitor Audio BX speakers, with plans to add a MA subwoofer later on together with a NAS drive for streaming. The main reasons for the above change was because of house downsiziing and as we travel lots having ripped many of our CD's we now take an IPOD classic 160gb with us which we use in our boat and camper.

However we have had nothing but problems with the Denon. We contacted our dealer on several occassions and they advised resets, which I carried out and then kindly sent someone out saying they believed it to be a network issue. The chap put a fixed IP address on the Denon and it worked fine for a few days, then its problems started again, these are;

1. Stops playing IPOD, either in dock or via USB, I have bought new (genuine Apple) cable, IPOD plays for a day or so then displays (halfway through an album: List empty, then displays No connection. This happens whether or not the Network control is set to on or off. If network control is on sometimes I get the message: Loading, it never loads and I have to switch the network control to off and restart the Denon for it to see the IPOD.

2 If using Apple airplay from a laptop sometimes the Airplay icon is not in ITUNES and sometimes it is, a combination of restarting ITUNES and switching the Denon off and on again may find it. Sometimes Airplay just stops part way through an album, ITUNES displays: CEOL not found. However the CEOL will play all other sources without a problem. I cannot get Airplay icon at all when network control is set to on.

To anticipate a few questions the Denon is connected to the router by cable. The router is a new Orange Bright Box. The laptop is connecting to the router wirelessly. All the laptops have been given a fixed IP address. The Roberts is having none of the problems the CEOL has. I have been to my local IT specialist who I have used for @14 years and he says he doubts it is a network issue.

Please excuse the fact that although I use computers a lot I am not very IT literate. I must also apologise for the length of this post and would like to thank anyone who is still reading for taking the time and trouble to do so, all help gratefully received.


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