Denon 3808 vs stereo amp


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Aug 10, 2019
I currently have a Denon 3808 receiver connected to my Monitor Audio RS6 speakers - I am now wondering if I can get better 2 channel stereo quality when listening to music by getting a seperate stereo amp vs my current Denon 3808. In Pure Direct mode it does not sound bad - would a stereo integrated amp such as the NAD C356BEE (or similar amp in this price bracket) make a big difference when listneing in stereo comapred to my Denon 3808 in pure direct mode?


Just connected up my new NAD c356BEE amp as a power amp to my Denon 3808 for my RS6 speakers....sounds much better! (I was doubtful I would hear a noticible difference...) reminds me of when I played music via the Denon 3808 with audyssey on - then direct mode much better...pure direct mode better again then with the NAD on pure direct so much more sound unveiled and more detail :)

Bottom line: had my RS6 speaker and amp for about 4 years ....wish I had gotten a good stereo amp earlier!


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