Denon 1907 with Tannoy EFX 5.1 OR Onkyo 505 with Kef 1005 or Jamo?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

Long time reader, first time poster. Jumping into the world of Home cinema with AV/Speaker setup. Got a samsung plasma (50q97) with hdmi; going to mainly watch DVDs with Samsung 1080P7 and sky/virgin HD.

My question is I am racking my head out trying to decide between a couple of combinations for AV/Speaker setup. Budget is betwen £400-£500. And I know there are loads of possibilities

At first I was going for Tannoy EFX 5.1 which a reader/poster posted how they have rave reviews but a lack of following on the forums (I may be wrong). Anyway saw a good offer for £199.95 delivered with a couple of free alphason speaker stands.

Now I am hearing about Jamo 102 HCS speakers and even the KEF egg 1005 speakers which are slightly more at £250 but apparently tangibly better. Now I have never had any 5.1 system and I am sure whatever I will get will sound amazing but:

- Looking to couple with Denon 1907 amp (know its older, but I dont see any use of hdmi if I have upscaler and audio through hdmi prbly has little benefit over optical inputs if using with sky HD). Can get this for £200 too.

- Onkyo 505 entry level is meant to be great and has pass through HDMI. slightly more at £250. Cant afford 605...

Will the Tannoy EFX 5.1 with Denon 1907 give better overall performance than the KEF 1005s/Onkyo 505 (or even KEF with Denon 1907)? Will I be able to tell the difference? Is the £100 diff worth paying for? Also anyone know any sweet deals for KEFs with stands? Anyone had both? So many questions I wish I had a telephone helpline!

My lounge is standard- about 3x4m.

My wallet and I await your wisdom. Really appreciate it.. I am sure any combo will blow the socks off me...




To note,

I have just seen another poster's query and Clare's very helpful response.

Still interested in your opinions on KEFs vs Tannoy EFX vs Jamos with the Onkyo 505 or Denon 1907.

Thanks peeps. Merry Christmas to all!


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Sep 6, 2007
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HI there. I have the Jamo speakers and they are fabulous in looks and sound. My brother-in-law recently bought the EFX 5.1 speakers and I set them up for him with the Denon 1908. I was impressed. Not as nice looking as the Jamo's (they still looked good though in black) but the sound was impressive. It may not be quite as detailed as the Jamo but it has a fair bit of oomph for their size.


[quote user="Andrew Everard"]

FWIW I'd take a deep breath and go for the TX-SR-505 with the EFX speakers, or even the slightly less expensive FX speakers


All - thanks for the advice. Before your posts I did actually go out and do just what Andrew suggested. Got the Onkyo 505/ Tannoy EFX 5.1 in black. Quite pleased! Stands are a bit basic but better than nothing...

For cables I went a bit OTT at Richer sounds and bought HDMI / Optical / Subwoofer all by cambridge audio ( about £90). Need to get some decent speaker cable.

Andrew you mentioned a good starting point apart from the above would be the cambridge 300 guage wire at £1.49/m?

Thanks guys.


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