Question Advice: Stereo vs 5.1 vs pair of Active speakers for small Living Room


Jul 5, 2021
Hello everyone,

Our simple mini 5.1 system crossed the rainbow bridge, and we are left without sound in the living room except for the TV built-in speakers. We rarely listen to Hi-fi audio, nor there are any HIFI sources in the house except for movies once in a while. I would like something that will give a clean sound and low noise floor, and will provide easy, relaxed, listening experience. Main uses are meditation music, a bit of relaxed and lounge and occasional movies.

I would be happy for advice based on the following parameters:

1. Living room size 10 m2, sitting distance from theTV is 2.5 meters.
2. 70% Music, 30% Movies and TV. Low to medium volume levels.
3. Existing equipment in the house - 20yr old passive JAMO speakers: a pair of shelves, model 145, a pair of floors 175 and a center-160.
4. Total budget up to 1500$/1250EU.

I thought of 3 directions

1. Buy a new stereo package within my budget such as: DENON DRA 800H &Q ACOUSTICS 3030i.
2. Invest the entire amount in a pair of high-quality active speakers such as KEF SLX or the cheaper Airpulse A200.
3. Use the existing old Jammu speakers, and buy a mid tier AVR such as the Denon X3600H.

Currently I am more inclined towards the second option, which is buying a pair of good quality amplified speakers, with good connectivity such as KEF SLX or similar.
What draws me in this direction is: Simplicity, no need to chase after the latest protocols and standards that come out every year, making any new receiver obsolete in no time. Less wiring and peripherals, clean uncluttered appearance. Sounds cleaner relative to budget, due to less components (higher quality) and cleaner signal chain.
That being said, I am tempted to buy an AVR and add some additional speakers to the existing Jamo's to enjoy Atmos & Surround when watching movies .

Anyone who have read this far, thanks for your patience.
I would love advice from anyone who has experience with home sound.

Thanks a lot.
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