Dali advice please?


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Nov 11, 2010
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I have a CA A4 amp and a CA CD4 SE cd player, I'm currently using some Celestion DL8 s2 speakers with them. They sound great with mellow music-jazz, soul & motown even my wifes Cliff Richard music sounds great but when I try playing some rock music they fail to deliver a good sound.

I've read about Dali speakers-the Zensor 1 model and they seem well liked. Would they be a good all round performer or are there others in the same price bracket-new or used that are better?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 25, 2011
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I suspect you'll find the Dalis a lot brighter than your current speakers, and leaner. Lots of upper end detail, not bright, but sort of shimmering treble. Mids are fine but sound a bit boxy if you start turning up the wick a lot, and bass definitely on the lean side.

Good speakers but you should really give them a listen. I'm not familiar with the Celestions but if they're anything like the old Kefs (same company) then they tend towards rich, which the Dalis are definitely not.

Fine CD player by the way, reputedly a classic.


I had the 9.1's for a year or so with my CA 640 combo and very good they were too for around £100....but I have to disagree with some points above,,,,I find my DL2's a much more satisfying listen.

The base goes lower and the treble is much 'sweeter' which helps the CA kit. I also find the sound stage more open compared to the 9.1's :)


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