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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I bought the Cyrus CD8X a couple of months ago and was quite surprised as to the quality of the drawer, although I had also read this was one of the down points on the product. Initially the drawer was somewhat sitting in a slightly slanted position, to the point where there was a gap between the drawer front and the case. I took it back to the retailer where they opened her up and aligned the drawer better. They were also confident that this would not effect the player in any way, and I also noticed that a couple of the demo players looked fairly much the same. Since then, and as always, the player does it's job superbly but the drawer is still sitting in a sort of slightly slanted position (there's still a minor gap).

Now, I could take it back to the retailer but I guess I'll just get it tweaked, or ask Cyrus, but thought I'd ask other Cyrus owners first. Do you get pretty much the same with Cyrus CD players? Does the drawer ever sit nice and snug/firm up against the case? Does it matter? Is the design of the CD drawer so bad that I should just forget about it?

Apart from that the player is just great and is one of the best things I've ever bought.

Any advice / opinions /notes will be welcome.

Thanks in advance



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Jul 28, 2007
I had 2 Cyrus CDP and can report that the cd draw builded better that twices price musical fidelity I am using.
(my Cyrus was a lot older model though!)

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Great player, shame about the looks, hey?

But seriously, we've often noted that the disc drawers on the Cyrus are a slight aesthetic/usability weakness on an otherwise excellent product. It's never to the detriment of the sound-quality, however, and in our world, performance is the ultimate priority. If it really bothers you that much, i'd get back in contact with your retailer - and certainly don't hesitate to send feedback to Cyrus.


My CD 8X drawer sits nice and snug to the case front. My only gripe with this player is the clunky CD tray and yes, it's a well known fact with Cyrus players. The tray is only used to move the CD into position and therefore shouldn't effect the sound quality of the player. All I can say is that if your not entirely happy with the CD8X's wonky drawer, take it back and ask for a replacement. After all it's not as though it's a cheap and nasty player, at £1000 new, sloppy manufacturing can't be excused.

Have you tried the PSX-R power supply with the player? This upgrade advances the player even more.



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Thanks a lot for the responses. There is no problem with the sound and there is only a slight gap so I'm not overly worried, it's just when I spend £1K on a CD player I really expect quality all round. I was sort of thinking it was common after seeing the wonky drawers on the demo models but now I'm not so sure. As I've already taken it back to the retailer to get it aligned, I didn't want to waste any more effort arriving at the same place hence the post.

Thanks also for the tips of the PSX-R - I had thought about it, it's just a little hard to justify with my wife after spending best part of 2.5K on a new hi-fi. I think it's a turntable next and a duster for all the old vinyl I've got in the loft.


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