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Completing my speaker system

Aug 20, 2014

I've bought a few speakers at bargain price and was wondering could I build a speaker system out of them?

I've got 2 JVC S-66B's and 1 Pure Acoustics Supernova C center speaker with this kind of technical features:

>Powerhandling: Pure Acoustics 140W RMS and JVC 40W RMS
>Frequency Response: Pure Acoustics 60Hz-20kHz and JVC 45-20kHz
>Impedance: Pure Acoustics 4Ohm and JVC 8Ohm
>Sensitivity: Pure Acoustics 89dB and JVC 90dB

So basically I would need an A/V Receiver and amplifier, subwoofer and two back speakers right? But do these speakers go together and what should I take notice when choosing other speakers and amp? I'm a total newcomer with this stuff and would need some kind of guide for dummies.



New member
Sep 22, 2011
Yes u need an Amplifier to run those. For Pure Stereo music playback you can get a Integrated Amplifier . For Home cinema and casual music u can get a AV receiver.

It will be helpful if your budget is know and what sort of music you want to play?

What is your place like?

how big it is?

Waht is your Source component?
Aug 20, 2014
I would be ready to spend max. 200 euros to completeing my system. My source component will be mainly computer but I would also hope to be able to attach PS4/TV in it.

My place is not propably the key factor in this, it's about 3,5x,3,5meters square room but I'm searching for a new flat atm and these would be placed in the livingroom in the future. The main thing is to upgrade a little bit from my 20$ computer speakers.

Would these be suitable for my system as I would get pair of these for 30euros?




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