Buy a DAC or a new multichannel reciever??


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello all!

I have some wonderings around various upgrade paths to improve my system. Below you can see how im geared up.

Loading all my music using nondestructible FLAC on the HD of the Tvix (connected via RCA to the C370) i think of how to improve the sound in my setup. Im moving from DVD/CD as im ripping everything and putting the plastic relics in storage somewhere outside my appartment.

The RCA output from the Tvix doesnt compare to the sound of the T524, in any sense at all. When i load the T524 with DVD-A material the distance greatens of course. So how can i improve then sound from the Tvix? (or any digital source for that matter, portable players and PCs etc).

Have been looking at "The Benchmark DAC", which to me could be to analytic. The "Citypulse DAC DA2.03e" seems like a very attractive option. AS the NAD and the Canton are very lively in sound it could be wise to match them, however, to make things more complex. I just ordered a pair of AKG K701 (very open and detailed and analytical to some people..)

The new multichannel recievers from NAD (T765,T775,T785) offers a tremendous amount of features but, i will probably never use 90% of them. Multichannel has crossed my mind so many times but... i like 2 channel the most, regardless of source (movies, concerts, music etc).

For me the "most bang for the buck" in reconfiguring my setup in terms of better 2 channel audio is of most importance. So what are your opinions?

Does the DACs of the T765 etc or any other multichannel receiver on the market below 2000Euros blow the DAC of the NAD T524 away? Or should i go for a external DAC??

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions,
The best
Pontus Jakobsson

NAD C370 2 channel integrated amp, running biwiring
Tvix HD 5000U, (has both coaxial and TOSLINK digital output)
Canton RC-L (using the active box, requires a pre/amp output/input in the amp)
Good cables (atleast expensive :-D )
Monsterpower powercleaner


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Nov 29, 2007
I would spend about £100 on a Berisford DAC. I know a few lads out here who running them. In fact one of the BRL cars will be running one as he has replaced his expensive home stereo DAC with a a Berisford and is very very happy. One of his mates is a bit pissed off. as he spent 10 times on his DAC and is now going to be ordering a berisford.

On the AV side i have recently replaced my T744 with an Onkyo 805 and i find the Onk better for the films but i keep the music 2 channel and NAD. Oh i will be ordering a Berisford soon.


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