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Aug 10, 2019
Last week I found myself looking on for BluRay audio discs - high quality (192k+) BluRays for just audio, but it appears they don't exist. I obviously can't be the only person who thought of this, or indeed who'd be interested in it? Obviously DVD-Audio never rocked the sales, but maybe now with BluRay being popular and the players being common I was just expecting them to be available.


I think music doesn't need the capacity and complexity of bluray - high definition music i.e. studio master is mostly only in 24/96 which equates to 1GB per album. Even if you ramp it to 192 the maximum an hour of music would occupy would be 4GB[1], which comfortably fits onto a DVD. And high definition music is far more comfortably stored on a hard drive somewhere else in the house - why would you want a spinning disc anywhere near your music reproduction equipment?

[1]Theoretical maximum: 48*192=9216 bits per second /8=1152 bytes per second /1024=1.125 megabytes per second *3600=4050MB for one hour of music all at maximum density which in practice is unusual not to say impossible - could be achieved by deliberately oversampling but the resulting music would sound strangled.


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Aug 20, 2008
Teaser: I was just expecting them to be available.

There a few out, but as far as I know the only mainstream releases are from Tom Petty - 'Damn The Torpedoes' & 'Mojo'. Both come with hires file downloads as well. I've got both of these, but I must admit I prefer SACD (although it would be nice to get a hires file with SACD's as well).


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Mar 28, 2009
Also, check out the Neil Young blueray boxset, part 1 comes on 10 discs and contains virtually everything from 1963-1972 in 192/24 plus loads of extras, the price and scope means it is meant for fans - but trust Mr Young to point the way to the future... I hope he sells a few because I would love to see other artists & bands try this kind of thing.

One of the main sticking points for Blueray Audio is the classic loop
Expensive Price=Poor Sales=Costly Production=Expensive Price=Poor Sales etc etc.

Difficult to say how the end consumer can affect any real change, other than to buy Blueray Audio discs when you see them. Remember, many publishers have had their fingers burnt with high-def audio (remember HD-DVD). You can see the problem Blueray Audio is sandwiched between DVD-Audio, SACD and Digital Downloads from the likes of Linn etc. Any market so fractured seems likely to remain a niche market, TBH.



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