Bi-wiring KEF Q100 Speakers to Denon AVR-1908

Mar 5, 2016
Newbie here. I purchased a pair of the KEF Q100 bookshelf speakers secondhand for about $250 (which I thought was a steal at the time) and thought I had a good general understanding of bi-wiring until one of the tweeters fried less than one week after using it. Considering I got them secondhand it's possible the tweeter was already on its deathbed at the time of purchase, but I'd like to make sure I'm configuring my setup correctly before hooking my newly repaired speaker back into the same configuration that resulted in my dead tweeter.

Some details on equipment: KEF Q100 (10-100W, 8 ohms, bi-wirable), DENON AVR-1908 (7x90W RMS, 0.08% THD, 20-20K Hz)

Before the tweeter blew out, I was bi-wiring each speaker into two separate channels of the Denon and changed the settings so that the 'surround back amp assign' channels took in my second cables for each speaker. My input was 'Ext. In' because I wasn't using it in a surround sound setup or anything of that sort and mainly used the receiver as a straight power source/volume control for the speakers. I did not modify the crossover frequency, nor did I make any changes regarding power output (I assumed that my power control was entirely dependent on the volume I set on the receiver). Is there anything else I should change to my configuration to prevent my tweeter from blowing out again? It is possible that I could be accidentally sending too much bass to my tweeters, or should the crossovers handle all of that separation? I know that the tweeter could have blown out from use, but I want to make sure I don't do anything stupid and break them again. Thanks!


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Apr 24, 2013
In all probability.

You connections all sound satisfactory from your description. You are biamping not biwiring in this instance, but still sending a full range signal to both the bass drivers and the tweeters, no problem as the passive crossovers in the Kefs will send the correct frequencies to the correct drivers. Just make sure that the link switches on the Kef are set correctly.

Unless you have been driving the system very loud indeed and 'blown' a tweeter, you have just been unlucky. Contact the Kef distributer wherever you are, this is a unique product and you will not get parts elsewhere. See if you can get your drive unit fixed, a whole new unit may be rather expensive.


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