Best Speakers for the Sony STRDA1200ES


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm currently in a slight dilemma regarding the speakers I wish to compliment my current set up with. This includes consideration for the wife's taste (as many will no doubt sympathise with me on). My current set-up is as follows; Sony STRDA1200ES PS3 Sky HD Sony KDLW4000 All linked via HDMI accordingly. My issue is what the best set of speakers are to compliment within the £600 - £800 price range? This could be via two speakers and a subwoofer or a surround sound set-up. I'm not overally bothered about the surround sound option but just want some quailty sound with volume rather than the full Home Cinema experience. Also, what are the best cables to use for the recommended set-up? Cheers, The Count

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Great amps, great TV. As you've got Sky HD and a PS3 I'd say it's well worth going for full surround sound, so try the Acoustic Energy Aego T package (£800) if you want a fairly conventional-looking, but great-sounding sub/sat system, or if your wife would prefer something a little more stylish, there's KEF's KHT 2005.2 'eggs' at £600. Both will work well with the Sony receiver.

As for speaker cable, QED's Silver Anniversary XT at 5.50/m is one of our Award-winning favourites.


Thanks for the advice.

How would say the new Denon DHT-FS3 X-Space Surrond System stacks up and also it's capability to connect to the Sony STRDA1200ES?


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