Backing Up Phone


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Jul 17, 2008
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I need to change my phone. I dropped it the other day and the screen cracked. It's a HTC Desire. I'm also going to get a 32GB MicroSD card while I'm at it and use the phone as my portable device for the time being (my iPod is about to die).

When I attach phone to my computer and mount as disk drive it comes up as drive L: Can I simply copy all the folders that pop up and store them on my computer. Then when I get new phone and memory card paste them onto it? Will the phone be as it was then? Or do I need to back it up some other way?
Sync your phone with outlook. Ttat's the best way. If you're buying HTC Sensation, then it has an option to directly import all contacts from your Desire via bluetooth. Not sure about other phones. Which one are you going for?