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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey guys,

I know I've posted this in the AV foum also, but just thought I'd try in here aswell incase anyone has more exprience with these speakers individually?

Quick question; option to buy B&W DM309, DM303 and stands & LCR3 for 300gbp. Small scratch on centre speaker, which doesn't affect sound, otherwise A1 condition. Worth a punt or not? To be used in a 5.0 system to begin with, with an Onkyo 609 amp and sub to follow later. 90% film 10% music. Fairly large room 8m x 8m.

Read some good reviews and also some not so favourable. Unable to demo due to travel distance.

Anyone with any experience with these speakers in this setup or similar?

Thanks as always for any replies/advice.


Cheers Big Chris for the reply. Apparently the guy selling them hasn't used them for 4/5 years and they've just been sitting in a corner!! How likely is this to affect sound? Do speakers deteriate if unused??

Thanks again.


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